Mr Shambhu Sharan

Mr Shambhu Sharan (Founder of Amritam Health Care) started his business career in 2006 in Jalandhar city where he was an executive in a marketing company. He never compromised with his work and continuously worked hard to make himself a good and capable person. From time to time, he was honored with many awards but would not stop being satisfied with all these. Then Mr  Shambhu Sharan planned to build his own brand Amritam and started it by investing all his deposits. From time to time he had to face many problems. When everyone just wanted to earn money, he resolved to give excellent and cheap herbal products to the people. For this, he hired good honest, and trustworthy people who supported him a lot, and today in Amritam health care more than 5000 customers are associated with him besides Mr. Shambhu Sharan and his team and more than 50 people. Got employment. It has always been the endeavor of Amritam Health Care that it can give maximum health benefits to people so that people can get rid of their diseases. Today Amritam has established its unique presence in Himachal and Punjab and has more than 75+ employees and more than 20+ business partners. We have more than 12 branches in Himachal and Punjab. This flourishing innovative, productive and entrepreneurial enterprise is part of his dedicated attempt toward success.

Mr Shambhu Sharan

Mr Shambhu Sharan

Mission & Vission

Our Mission

To create an enabled stage to clone Leaders and Entrepreneurs who produce prospects for others by doing dependable exchange Ayurvedic division (5000 years of age Sacred Knowledge of Life) through LTR – Business Model which implies;

Our Vision

Container India command of Amritam Health Care continuously 2028 with our Leaders and Entrepreneurs through LTR – Business Model other than investigating overall open doors for bloomed Ayurvedic part of India.

Lets us Contribute to be India’s Healthy #healthyindia #amritamhealthcare #shambhusharan #yourhealthmate